A photographer's music diary
by Kingsley davis
preface by norman jay mbe
paper back
Hard cover

This quote pretty much describes the approach to this project and the artists who appear in it.
The most rewarding aspect about creating and sharing images is the response from the viewer. This is where an image can come to life. For example, one individual will see something in one photo and another will see and respond in a totally different way.

However the most common response so far is the intimacy captured. A Diary is a daily record of events or thoughts and this is what the title and content reflect.

Flip the Script" provides a unique insight into how the music scene is changing, driven by technological innovations but also by the creativity, individuality and experimentation of the artists themselves.

The title of the book reflects this change,
as the artists featured have achieved success on their own terms, with or without stylists, A&R reps or publicists. And access to digital media has given them the opportunity to be heard and recognized overnight.
Many of the artists featured in "Flip the Script" have come through underground cultures or sub-cultures and have emerged without comprising their authentic credentials.

This adds to their appeal among discerning audiences, and so the book is finding a market among music buyers, youth and urban culture enthusiasts as well as those with a professional interest in music, lifestyle and fashion.




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