A photographer's music diary
by Kingsley davis
preface by norman jay mbe
paper back
Hard cover
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The Creator from whom all blessings flow
Haris Uzeirbegovic - Digital Retouching
Art Direction by David Grant at Grant State.
Chaplin Multimedia
Jez Smadja & SHOOK
All the artists, musicians, DJ's producers, visioneers
who continue to inspire
Retna Pictures
Timeout Magazine
Urban Development - events and artist promotion
Norman Jay & The Good Times Sound System
Adam Rock - Uprock & Jazz-refreshed
I am the nu black
Dan de Sausmarez - Dusted Management
Desmond George - Artist Management
Ms Dynamite
Rebecca Fletcher - Make-up Artist
Last but not least, the readers and supporters of this project who love and appreciate 'true school' music...


Westminster Reference Library, London
Jonzi D, Curator of Breakin Convention
CDR Burnt Progress - Video sound track
Jermaine Lawrence - Video


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Book product photography by Julian Dodd.
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